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VOLARO IPTV Total Solution

When deploying such complex systems, combining networking and video services, an ISP needs a solution provider with a deep and global knowledge of such technologies and with experience in deploying these combined systems, without overlooking important issues such as QoS, security, routing, etc.
VOLARO, partnering with the leading IPTV vendors, allows SPs to increase revenues using the IPTV solution by implementing a powerful, flexible, Headend.

IPTV allows SP to offer new value added services usually provided by popular consumer electronics hardware. Subscribers can watch what they want, when they want, without needing yet another device or remote control.

The world of communications and entertainment services is changing and next generation IP networks are the catalyst. IPTV is a mass-market broadband service driven by user demand rather than technology push causing telecommunications providers to pour billions into NGN infrastructure goodies.

IPTV is often provided for residential users in conjunction with Video on Demand, and may be bundled with Internet services such as Web access and VoIP. The commercial bundling of IPTV, VoIP and Internet access is referred to as Triple Play service (adding mobility is called Quadruple Play). IPTV is typically supplied by a service provider using a closed network infrastructure. This closed network approach is in competition with the delivery of TV content over the public Internet, called Internet Television.

The IPTV environment is generally based on 5 main elements:

  • Transcoders/Encoders: These components translate the content streams into IP format (MPEG2,   MPEG4 etc). This part is used for the distribution of live channels in the IP-TV application.
  • STB: Set-Top-Boxes which usually have the ability to provide other interfaces (i.e. Data, VOIP)
  • Middleware: (also known as Portal) a software applications that is hooked to the operator’s OSS system (Authentication servers, CRM etc..) and also provides an interactive interface to the user at home. The middleware enables various applications such as interactive TV, NPVR, Time Shift TV and other Added Value services.
  • CA: Conditional Access – an application intend to control and manage the viewer’s ability to watch or duplicate content by combination of scrambling and encryption means.
  • VOD: A system intended for distribution and delivery of video content, based on appliance-servers. It is a distributed system.

VOLARO has build over the last few years a unique portfolio which covers the different components with vendors that are known to integrate with one another to create a complete comprehensive solution.

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