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In today’s tough economy, marketing organisations are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Customers are doing much more for themselves, and there are more customer channels and touch points to manage and keep synchronised than ever before.  This makes the content, timing, and frequency of marketing communications very important.  Claiming success based on sheer volume of marketing activity is not acceptable now more than ever, marketing is expected to build customer trust and value while producing a profit.
However, before you can successfully do this, your marketing organisation has to ensure that customer-focused processes are in place allowing you to craft and execute optimized communication plans that provide quantifiable results and support your organization’s goals.
VOLARO help your organization to understand how to get the best out of Customer Intelligence in a downturned economy.
VOLARO provides a full spectrum of integrated enterprise information management consulting services & solutions, serving a wide variety of top-tier enterprises in a wide variety of verticals; from financial services and insurance, to telecom and media provides, large-scale health care organizations, hi-tech enterprises, retail chains and beyond.
VOLARO provides the closure between a company’s vision of a plan and its ability to execute. By dealing with the worlds of strategy and deployment with equal efficiency, we have created a smarter hybrid model that leverages the forward-thinking approach of the business analyst and the concrete implementation abilities and efficiency of the technology vendor

Business Driven Solutions

With years of experience in planning, designing and implementation of large scale BI projects, we have incorporated our extensive experience, vast knowledge of leading BI technologies and deep insight into the business needs of various vertical domain markets, to provide a suite of complementary solutions that bring real business value to our customers.

VOLARO can assure successful implementation and performance of its BI solutions as we take care of all related processes and components which have an effect on the outcome. We start with a business discovery process; build the DWH; monitor data quality, integrity and reliability.  We provide industry-specific data models, ready-made analytics and so forth.

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is our unique, combined expertise in creating tailor made projects with best practice premium products and smart business planning.
We deliver projects with quick implementation/time to market and proven ROI.

The key to our success is simple we deliver complete solutions, not just technology. From consulting, planning and design to full scale project implementation, our methodologies and expertise are robust and effective.

In building our business proposition we rely on the following key factors:

  • Deep business knowledge and experience in all main verticals: Banking, Insurance, Telco, Hi-tech, HealthCare, and Retail. Ensuring that our Business Intelligence solutions deliver real business value and ROI.
  • Excellence with leading world tools and technologies.
  • Products and software components developed by VOLARO delivering short time to market and reduced implementation risks.
  • Emphasis on high value methodology, enabling high quality solutions.
  • Successful projects on time!

We have consolidated our years of experience, knowledge and expertise, to provide business oriented solutions, which are utilized by many of our customers every day.

The VOLARO Advantage

  • We deliver VOLARO is a trusted name in business intelligence solutions, with proven deployments, impeccable attention to detail, ultimate sensitivity and loyalty to the needs and concerns of the enterprises we serve customers in every vertical we enter.
  • The address for everything BI From intelligent finance solutions, through analytical marketing, regulatory compliance, professional data-driven business consulting and modeling to full spectrum turnkey services VOLARO seamlessly binds together all the tools for converting information sources into useable business resources.
  • Objective & Curious For all of our vertical knowledge, VOLARO doesn’t enter any project with preconceived notions set in stone. We look at the BI puzzle through the eyes of those who want to leverage our services for their success; it’s all about providing the best tool set and implementation strategy for meeting a client’s specific business objectives.
  • Quality to the core We apply best practices both in the internal supervision of our company and in the manner in which we design and deliver projects to our customer.
  • Real confluence of technology & business VOLARO traverses the divide between strategy and software by helping our clients to devise information projects that reflect genuine business needs and harness technology to full performance in acting upon them.
  • Information that motivates action VOLARO empowers enterprises with the ability to measure and improve multiple parameters in their business performance based directly on the manner in which their data is handled.
  • Longterm, deep growth partnerFar more than a project based integrator, VOLARO is a partner in the true sense of the word. We’re poised to launch new BI projects that accurately reflect our customers evolving agendas and help them to continue to leverage their data as a valuable, revenue-generating asset base at every turn.
  • True turnkey commitment Our end-to-end capabilities span a deep knowledge base in BI products, technologies and applications, extend to a thorough understanding of business verticals and their needs and conclude with an uncompromising dedication to maintaining best practices in A-Z project management.
  • Great technology & ready-made solutions VOLARO develops excellent software tools that complement our offering with real best-of-breed products; our integrated business intelligence solutions in areas of financial management, marketing management, analytical models and regulatory compliance improve business performance while saving our customers time and money.
  • Profound vertical knowledge We apply our profound vertical business knowledge as the cornerstone for creating successful, result-oriented projects on our customers’ behalf.
  • Vendor independence We remain vendor-independent in our approach to every project so that every tailor-made customer deployment can benefit from an optimized synergy between the stated objectives of its project and the means used in achieving them.
  • An ethos of innovation We stay consistently focused on creating future-ready Enterprise Information Management solutions that anticipate and reflect emerging market needs and trends in every sector wherein we maintain a presence.