Training and Coaching

VOLARO providing customized training programs across a wide range of information, technology, communication applications and soft skills

Our vision is to enable our customers’ personal and business growth by providing a quality, professional, and innovative educational experience

Because training is such a critical factor in the success of a company’s growth, VOLARO has formed a dedicated Training and Assimilation practice. Our training and unique assimilation services offer customers comprehensive learning solutions built for all the needs of modern business.
We provide training for all different levels of an organization based on the needs specific to your environment.  These are offered as private on-site seminars or as pre- or post-conference sessions at industry events.

VOLARO center of excellence offers customers end-to-end training and deployment services. We stay with our customers through every stage of the process: the survey and mapping of personal and organizational training needs; design of the training solution that best suits the needs of the organization and its employees; the actual training; deployment and integration, when the behavioral change of the trainees takes place as they begin to apply the material they learned. The content of the training, its scope, and its venue are custom-tailored to meet client needs. The programs can be based on selections from the diverse training activities taking place at VOLARO center of excellence, courses conducted at the customer’s site, or a complete outsourcing of the activity.

Our expert tutors provide training across a wide range of information, technology and communication applications. VOLARO customizes the training program based on advanced training methodologies and evaluation tolls meeting our client’s needs in terms of content, target audience, level of knowledge, and training times. We take a multidisciplinary approach to training by assembling a dedicated team with all the necessary technology, business domain, and course content & design skills.

VOLARO Expertise and focus

We focus on:

  • Training of professionals in the areas of management, IT, software, communication.
  • Training in personal skills, management, service, and sales
  • Qualification and retraining programs for careers in high-tech and information technology
  • Flexible curriculum of MS Office and multimedia studies


Traditional learning methods are complemented with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and e-learning platforms, enabling end-users to learn at their own pace and level. Self study kits are developed by VOLARO to meet all content materials.

Dedicated Software Assimilation

VOLARO is highly experienced in assimilating enterprise information systems such as ERP – SAP, Billing & CRM systems, which require in-depth understanding of large scale organizational IT Systems. VOALRO experts study the specific customer’s software creating a comprehensive assimilation program for the software, including training material and implementation plans.

Professional Training at VOLARO center of excellence

At the VOLARO center of excellence we provide high-level technical training for IT experts: networks, operating systems, information security, programming, graphics software, and ERP expert trainers. In addition.

Generic Software Training

We offer professional courses for generic software; end-user operating systems, MS Office, application generators, e-mail systems, project management software, data mining, internet and more

Why VOLARO center of excellence

  1. One of the leader in training and deployment in international contexts for many companies,.
  2. Expertise in training, technology, and organizational change
  3. The only center capable of providing end-to-end solutions in all areas of training,   in all technologies and content areas
  4. Pioneer in training and deployment of knowledge systems and the leading vendor in the field
  5. Unique methodology and concept for training and deployment of technology and knowledge  (including the use of real situation planning models)
  6. Top-of-the-line instructors, expert in training and technology.
    The faculty is based on full-time company employees, supplemented by lecturers from industry.
  7. Top-of-the-line managers, with rich professional experience in both training and technology
  8. Lavish training centers with cutting-edge computer and training equipment and broad geographic  coverage
  9. Client-centric approach, with the customer at the center of the activity

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