Professional Services

Your goals: keep your competitive edge, keep pace with the speed of business and deliver products and services that satisfy your customers’ demands. Our objective: work behind the scenes to help you achieve your business goals by delivering services that simplify and streamline your IT environment for operational excellence. VOLARO is a proven technology ally working behind the scenes to help businesses and government agencies succeed. That’s why we are the business ally of choice behind successful companies and can be for you too.

Our customers are our most important asset; we provide them with market-leading solutions, outstanding products, and a range of support services that will help them get the very best out of our solutions. But extraordinary technology and extensive solutions are only the beginning. VOLARO professional service was established to translate the company’s vision into a working business solution. Using a proven methodology, VOLARO encompasses everything from the initial design and configuration of the solution to the final handover to properly trained users and administrators.

It is the surest, most efficient way to get the capabilities of our solutions fully integrated into the company’s operations, and delivering benefits to the enterprise – fast.

VOLARO services are all based on industry best practices and cover all fields. Each service offered can be modified as needed to meet specific customer requirements in particular situations.

VOLARO place individual employees or professional teams at the client’s site to assist in the development, deployment, and routine operation of the systems. The company’s comprehensive service includes the recruiting, mapping, retention, and training of the work force, as well as the provision of multidisciplinary professional support.

We supplies a range of experienced IT professionals, including project managers, systems analysts, team leaders at various levels, developers in a variety of technological environments, system and help desk professionals, QA specialists in a variety of fields, and consultants specializing in specific content areas such as PMO, ERP, CRM, BI, Call Centers and more.

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