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  • Upgrading you Call Center Call Center for Banking, Insurance, Financial Services
  • Call Center for Telecommunication Call Center for Outsourcing Call Center for Help Desk
  • Call Center for Emergency & SecurityCall Center for Entertainment,Media
  • Call Center for Government & PublicCall Center for Health Care
  • Call Center for TransportationCall Center for Utilities & Energy
  • Call Center for Wholesale & Retail IndustryOffshore Call Center

Upgrading you Call Center

Achieving advantage in a competitive working environment, world- performance for the next generation of contact centers requires call center managers to fundamentally rethink the value of the call center to the customer and to the organization business. The need to re-design or reengineer the basic business processes around customer relationship, using variety of communication channels, will be an imperative for call center managers who are planning ahead for the next generation. Properly redesigning an existing call center is one of the most important tasks any organization may face. Upgrading existing Call Centers by Assessment, observation, gap analysis and upgrade implementation for technologies & operation, are what VOLARO do best.

Call Center for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services
The Banking & Financial Services industry today faces many new competitive pressures from alternate financial service providers (non-traditional competitors selling financial services products), and new market entrants. Over the past 20 years, consumers have diversified their assets and have revitalized traditional sales and service channels. To cope with the changing market and finance-savvy customers, banks are actively seeking effective strategies to increase both revenue and profitability.

The pressures of ever-increasing competition are forcing Insurance companies to decrease costs and improve customer service. Insurance companies share the need to improve operational efficiency, form closer business partnerships, and provide high-end deliveries based on customer loyalties. Additionally, these companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, increase revenues and profits, enhance productivity, extend service areas and improve customer service. Moreover, Insurance companies are constantly struggling to balance their high-volume, logistics-intensive business with the need for efficient customer service.

Call Center for Telecommunication

The pressures of ever-increasing competition are forcing Telecom operators to decrease costs and improve customer service. Telecom companies share the need to improve operational efficiency, form closer business partnerships, and provide high-end deliveries based on customer loyalties. Additionally, companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, increase revenues and profits, enhance productivity, extend service areas and improve customer service. All while struggling to balance the Telecom industry’s high-volume, logistics-intensive business with the need for efficient customer service

Call Center for Outsourcing

Beyond the initial focus on cost savings, outsourcing customers are showing increasing concern with the placement of a key corporate asset, the customer relationship, in the hands of a third-party provider. Outsouring providers must be aware of these challenges, and ready to refute them not only with arguments, but also with proven successes and track-records. These challenges have spurred the demand for outsourcing, but also place rigorous demands on contact center outsourcing providers, who can take advantage of operational scale only to the degree that they also simultaneously optimize their personnel resources – ensuring a fast ramp to maximum efficiency.

Call Center Help Desk

Today, the modern business environment is one of increasing competition, globalization, merger and acquisitions. Companies need to aggressively improve customer service to maintain profits and preserve customer loyalty. The Help Desk of the new millennium is one that will play an integral role in any business that is seeking competitive advantage. An effective Help Desk is a natural step in the evolution of business technology. Help Desks and Services industry leverage the best technology and automation. Combined with industry recognized best practices and professionals, it helps customers tackle head-on their critical business challenges.
VOLARO helps you:
Meet business objectives and continuously enhance services,
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty,
Reduce costs and increase profitability,
Focus on core business competencies,
Speed implementation of new technologies.

Call Center for Emergency & Security Industry

In today’s complex and fast changing environment the immediate and most appropriate real-time response in emergency situations, time of crises and possible disasters is of vital importance. The Call Center solution allows military, police security, fire and emergency services to find new ways to cost-effectively improve their work and achieve citizen satisfaction. Police patrols could more easily focus on proactive crime prevention as well as crime reduction initiatives and police station staff could provide better counter service. Call Centers are created to better serve citizens, customers and communities thus providing a streamlined response. The commitment to excellence of the Emergency and Security institutions, while reducing operational cost is a crucial factor to fast and appropriate reaction in emergency situations.

Call Center for Entertainment & Media

The global Entertainment and Media Industry is in the midst of vast changes – giant mergers and acquisitions, new technologies and online services are changing the landscape. The new challenges force the Entertainment and Media Industry to radically change to deal with the ever increasing competition, the new emerging technology and the more demanding needs of the consumers. Striving to gain customer loyalty and implementing effective strategies to increase both revenue and profitability are the main goals in the Entertainment and Media Industry.

To meet the new realities the Entertainment and Media companies need to improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity; increase revenues and profits, reduce costs, extend service areas and improve customer service as well as to be on the cutting edge of new and up-to-date technology in the industry.

Call Center for Government & Public

Forced to deal with the constant demands of public service, as well as ever-increasing budgetary constraints, Government offices are finding themselves compelled to look for newer ways to cost-effectively provide services and information to internal and external users. To create and maintain a high level of service and citizen satisfaction, while reducing operational costs, Government & Public institutions needs better ways to integrate applications and business logic across all service channels.

Call Center for Health Care

The health care organizations of today are always looking to the future: strategic planning now can save money and improve the quality of patient care tomorrow. The world of health care and medicine is constantly changing, forced to face rising costs and increased competition as well the modern patient, who is active in asking questions and discussing options. Health plans are shareholders and consumers under enormous pressure to improve performance, and survival depends on reducing costs while improving results.

Increased margins and expense pressures in the healthcare industry have pharmaceuticals, life-sciences and managed care providers looking for new tools and techniques to improve operational efficiencies. Choosing the right technology can help healthcare providers improve overall experience for patients, providers and other stakeholders in the value chain. In addition, reducing customer wait times and providing timely information to patients can reduce errors, providing healthcare organizations with a platform for keeping budgets in line and reducing customer service costs.

Call Center for Transportation

The Airport Industry – All Airports share the need to improve operational efficiency, form closer business partnerships, and provide high-end deliveries based on customer loyalty. Additionally, these enterprises are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, increase revenues and profits, enhance productivity, extend service areas and improve customer service. Moreover, Airports are constantly struggling to balance their high-volume, logistics-intensive business with the need for efficient customer service.

Call Center for Utilities & Energy

The global market for utilities call centers reflects the changes which the utilities market has undergone: On the one hand, mergers and acquisitions have created a small number of very large utility providers whose call center operations therefore need to cover numerous locations and an ever-increasing number of services. On the other hand, the affects of liberalization that have already been felt in the utilities market are only the beginning, with more de-regulation expected.

Utility companies, which work with, for, and opposite the public as a whole and the customers as individuals, always try to provide better services and solutions , while reducing operational and implementation costs, and responding quickly and efficiently to an increasingly-demanding public.

Call Center for Wholesale & Retail Industry

The Wholesale and Retail (W&R) industry is facing intense competition constantly and consistently. W&R distributors must offer a broader product variety and meet increasingly sophisticated demands from more suppliers and customers. They face increased competition, which squeezes revenue, profits and margins – making it harder to ensure profitability.

W&R want their customers and prospect customers to shop more frequently and buy more often. That’s why it’s mandatory to create a selling environment that will maximize revenue returns on capital investment.

VOLARO will enable your company to increase sales, reduce shipping and handling costs, and increase return business by insuring optimal customer handling and satisfaction.

Offshore Call Center

VOLARO provide its innovative approach to proven and reliable Offshore Call Center solutions that combine the advantages of reducing operational and labor costs with increasing performance and customer loyalty. VOLARO experts will help you design and implement the most efficient Offshore Call Center that will respond to your specific needs in accordance with reliable and well-educated labor pools, developed architecture and infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology.

Offshore Industry Overview
About VOLARO Offshore
Why VOLARO Offshore?

Offshore Call Center Overview
Today, global enterprises face challenges unique to their own industries, as business models and competitive landscapes continue to change and evolve at record speeds. Companies are under intense pressure to reduce costs while still providing excellent service to their valued customers. To succeed in today’s business, companies must have customer contact options to reach their goals.

More and more we witness to the trend of companies taking advantage of creating offshore organizations that build dedicated captive centers of their own in remote, lower-cost labor location thus saving up to 50% in operational costs.

Offshore call centers located in the Philippines, India, Canada & Jamaica, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and most of Central America offer companies significant benefits in terms of:

Reduced Operational Costs
Reliable & Well-Educated Labor Pools
Low Agent Attrition
Redundant Architecture & Infrastructure
Highest Levels of Data Security
Innovative State-of-the-Art Technology

About VOLARO Offshore
VOLARO offer proven and reliable Offshore Call Center solutions that combine the advantages of lower cost labor with excellent customer service possibilities. Our know-how, professional experience and expertise will create the best offshore strategy, planning and implementation suitable for your company including:

Analyses of your current organization, applications and business functions,
Identification of applications or business functions that would be appropriate for moving offshore,
Identification of the offshore model and technology most appropriate for your company,
Identification of the major risks specific to your company that must be addressed prior to moving offshore,
Recommendation of targeted goals that your company can realistically achieve and give you a framework to track your progress towards these goals,
Design and implementation of a complete customer tailored offshore solution detailing every activity that must be done in order to achieve a successful Offshore Call Center,
Consideration of the political and economic stability of the selected country as well as of the local legal system which must favor and support the offshore companies.

All those factors together with the language and skill set of local population and the existing telecommunications infrastructure play a crucial role when VOLARO experts choose the most appropriate offshore location for your company.

VOLARO offer experience, local knowledge, service and infrastructure helping you to meet the offshore challenges and achieve your business objectives and performance expectations in the most direct and risk free way possible.

Why VOLARO Offshore?

VOLARO have proven technology solution, business logic and operation, project management, staffing, training and support methods and successfully adapt them to best fit the local customs and standards. Our know-how enables us to quickly identify well-educated and dedicated employees who have the proper skills to provide the highest quality service. We also ensure the optimum level of reliability in our Offshore Call Center solutions, by utilizing a redundant architecture and infrastructure as well as careful offshore risk management.

VOLARO have experience in managing locations, property, vendors and people. When choosing the right location for your Offshore Call Center VOLARO experts rank your most important considerations:

Resource base such as existence of a large pool of highly skilled and educated workforce, proficient in the English language and IT literate,
Geography, cultural affinity to customers and business continuity,
Favorable political situation,
Cost effectiveness,
Proven capability and management control.
Depending on the scope and nature of the offshore call center services we consider both the domestic regulatory and foreign legal compliance risks as well as unique cultures, laws and practices.

VOLARO will provide your company with a highly competitive, cost-efficient, customer friendly Offshore Call Center that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, grow your business and maximize your profits.