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Customer Relations Management (CRM)

For Sales, Service and Support Centers

Customer’s satisfaction and retention is one of the core goals of each business. It is easily achieved with a well functioning Customer Relationship Management system. Our CRM solutions enable effective and easy contact and communication with your clients. They are based on the establishment of a system collecting detailed data about the customers from all external and internal sources. It is gathered and registered after each contact with a client, no matter how it is made  on the phone, via the e-mail or at a personal meeting. The shaping of each clients personal profile is executed through a user-friendly interface.

Key Challenges – Multi functionality

CRM Key chalanges

CRM Solutions facilitate the communication with the client through all electronic channels  phone, fax, e-mail, SMS. The detailed clients database enables the employees to react quickly when are contacted by a customer as they have his personal profile within a click of the mouse or the pressing of a button. Thus the clients receive faster and more qualitative service. CRM solutions also offer tools for the corporate web site that make it easy for the clients to get the information they need on their own.

Making Customer Connections

CRM Connections

The CRM systems use the information about your clients to make analysis and enable the preparation of segmented marketing offers that best suit their needs. The integrated CRM solution allows easy of sending personalized offers and letters to an extract or all of the customers. The result of all this is a higher rate of customer satisfaction and retention.