Business Development for IT vendors

Local present and support

  • “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”  – if we could get some proven expert in the local Bulgarian market to help in moving our sales and marketing ahead, without the cost being unaffordable.
  • “Wouldn’t It Be Good” – if they had proven and experienced sales and marketing professionals to guide us (when needed) on how to increase sales in Bulgaria Eastern Europe
  • “Wouldn’t It Be Great” – if they were actually ‘hands on’ on the process making sure we really do achieve results.
  • “Wouldn’t It Be Even Better” – if they had a good searchable client base and had grown significantly each year, i.e. they have practiced what they preached.

VOLARO have a business development service line, specialized in marketing and selling technology-oriented solutions and products to the Bulgarian market in Eastern Europe.

We are increasingly recognized for the depth of our expertise special in the Bulgarian technology market, and as a consequence, our ability to accelerate the business development process between companies.
VOLARO has developed a sales model, which enable technology companies to facilitate the Bulgarian market penetration in a quickly, professional and economical way.

VOLARO dynamism and expertise in various technologies have held an high level of confidence and trust with our clients. The trust is based on the client’s recognition of our ability to continuously succeed to penetrate the Bulgarian market.
VOLARO as a full service and direct marketing company is specialized in marketing operations, sales and sales support.

In addition to many years of experience in direct marketing and sales for leading data IT Companies, our knowledge is also based on experience and extensive know-how in high-technical areas.

Renowned companies are already optimizing their marketing and sales measures with the sales telemarketing, direct and database marketing concepts from VOLARO.

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