VOLARO Differentiators & Benefits

Behind the success of the world’s leading organizations, there’s a powerful business ally VOLARO. Our clients benefit every day from our deep expertise, innovative answers and unparalleled results. And because we understand that each industry, enterprise and problem is unique, VOLARO works to deliver the right solution that fits.

VOLARO listens to our clients and continuously looks for ways to improve on service and delivery. It’s what sets us apart, and what keeps us as leaders in what we do.

We establish long term relationships with our clients, and we stay with them, adding value, independently of where they are in their different business stages. If they are in the innovation stage, we enable them with high-end technologies; during the deployment phase we support the upscale of the solution; in the standardization stage we help them consolidate processes to reach higher levels of effectiveness and productivity. In the final phase, when the solution has become a commodity, we offer our outsourcing services, helping our clients reduce total cost of ownership.

Another key differentiator is our flexible attitude, which allows us to rapidly adjust to meet the needs of our clients in a pragmatic way. Since we deeply understand our clients business and needs, we don’t offer rigid options from a solutions portfolio; instead, we design the best possible solution and delivery model for each client. The result is tangible, added business value.

VOLARO achievement Model is built around the most effective approach to serving our clients. Depending on the client’s specific needs, we organize our practices around industries and areas of expertise. We create our client-focused consultancy teams combining members from our Global Emerging Technologies & Practices, and Industry & Knowledge teams.

VOLARO achievement Model is based on a geographical strategy which provides our clients Global Resources with local interface. Depending on the market size and client convenience, we appoint members from our Regional & Local Delivery teams to interact with each specific client. These teams work with VOLARO team to design and implement a customized solution.

This delivery model leverages our capabilities, allowing us to work with a combination of local VOLARO and international, thus providing efficient, on-budget and on-time service to our clients.


VOLARO believes that the creation of strategy approach is only successful over the long term through teaming with client resources. At the beginning of the project we will work with you to identify the key stakeholders of the project, what their interests are, and what messages they need, the method of communicating the messages and timing of communications.

Critical Success Factors


Develop solid scope at the beginning of the project which includes a clear definition of the project objectives and goals
  • Everyone knows why the project is being performed and what we hope to accomplish
  • Effectively and efficiently use internal and external resources
Clear definition of decision-making criteria and process at beginning of project. Balanced set of criteria needs to be used (functional, technical, vendor and economic)
  • Objectively evaluate alternatives using same scorecard
  • Users and decision makers involved are more knowledgeable about what they need to see
  • Reduces actual and elapsed time because everyone is focused on same criteria
  • Decisions made reflect what is best for organization
Active user and management involvement throughout the project
  • Buy-in of change occurs
  • Decisions are timely and not revisited
Timely communication of project status and results within team and to the entire organization
  • Timely communication of project status and results within team and to the entire organization
  • Celebrate successes to keep team and organization motivated to move forward
  • Manage expectations as the project progresses to ensure that all parties understand what will and will not be delivered
Prepare detailed project documentation
  • Effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues