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Building the perfect Call Center is a good start – but putting it together alone may not be sufficient. In order to make the most of your Call Center capabilities, you must know how to operate it, maintain it, and adapt it to your changing needs.

The skills required for successful Call Center operations are many and varied, affected by your business objectives, your customers, your industry, and the ever-progressing world of communications. On both a team basis and for each individual, these skills and knowledge are a factor of all Call Center employees. In order to provide you with the training and know-how they need, VOLARO has created the VOLARO Excellence Center.

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  • Brass Tacks: Getting Started with VOLARO Excellence Center

The Concept

Far more than a collection of mere courses, VOLARO Excellence Center is a complete like university providing study programs, resources, and a growing knowledge base of Call Center know-how and skills. VOLARO Excellence Center is an educational facility that will compliment and help you build your Call Center infrastructure. Just like any other educational facility, VOLARO Excellence Center offers a wide range of learning options to compliment your establishment’s needs.

The programs offered are modular and multi-leveled, consisting of knowledge groups that relate to the various roles and positions customarily found in the Call Center, with courses presented by training levels , catering to the various levels of responsibility of your staff. The combination of these two concepts assures an all-round customization and a full tailoring to fit not only to your establishment’s demands, but also the individual needs of the Call Center’s personnel.

Far beyond a mere list of courses, the VOLARO Excellence Center programs form complete Call Center educational and training programs, custom tailored for target staff and your Call Center’s needs.

Brass Tacks: Getting Started with VOLARO Excellence Center

VOLARO will begin by helping you identify your target population within the Call Center staff.

We will then isolate your specific educational needs, and finally customize the training level to fit one or more work groups. By utilizing VOLARO’s step-by-step guidance and the modular structure of VOLARO Excellence Center, you can advance your Call Center staff’s skills to the optimum, and maximize your Call Center’s success and profitability.
This web site offers an overview of VOLARO Excellence Center, our Programs of Knowledge Groups and Levels, and Resources for the Student. Also, as with any University, VOLARO Excellence Center presents graduation certificates to those who successful complete our Programs, and we are justifiably proud to present some of our recent graduates.