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Cyber threat event with the Government of Bulgaria and Israel – All leading Israel Information security solutions in one placeTechnologies and high-tech event with the Government of Bulgaria and Israel : Conference&Meetings, Sofia, BulgariaCertified ScrumMaster course in Bulgaria on Oct 4-5, Sofia, Bulgaria
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The significance of a company’s communications and computer infrastructure cannot be overstated.
Try to imagine the outcome of only one hour without email in the organization in which you work.
Establishing reliable systems with impeccable long-term maintenance is necessary.

VOLARO has the capacity to provide comprehensive solutions for a spectrum of computerization and communication needs for large, midsized and small organizations, whether centralized or dispersed throughout numerous sites, and to offer localized solutions for the various media requirements of each organization.

VOLARO offers all professional and expert computer and communication infrastructure under one roof: from hardware installation and licensing through software assimilation and information and database management.

VOLARO as nonuse its strategic cooperation with Ankor which is leading the industry world practices in:  Storage Consolidation, Data Compression, Backup & Recovery , Archiving/ILM, DRP/BCP,  Computing Infrastructure,  Server Virtualization,  WAN Optimization & Content Acceleration, Device Networking.

With more than 500 projects in this those fields VOLARO and it’s partners intreduce spectrum offers consultation, planning, implementation and assimilation services for organizations’ supervision and control systems. VOLARO’s supervision and control solutions bring information from all the organization’s computer systems to one terminal, enabling better SLA together with real-time handling of problems. Integrating leading products in the market, VOLARO and it’s partners use its know-how and experience to build supervision systems for all phases – from the infrastructure stage through to the organization’s business processes.