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Our Professional Services

  • Integration
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Remote Services
  • Storage and Backup
  • Computing services
  • Consulting
  • Content delivery
  • Training


Implement the optimal system for your business

Expert integration is critical for building a robust IT infrastructure.
Our specializes in providing storage and systems integration services that
deliver long-term results.

Our integration experts work with our customers throughout the entire integration process, from sizing and design, to implementation.

Our depth of experience in complex hardware integration, as well as database server and software integration, gives our customers an outstanding competitive advantage.

As a customer of VOLARO’s integration services you will receive:

  • Thorough customer site-analysis
  • Innovative and cost-effective designs provided by expert engineers
  • Help in planning and implementing seamless storage system installations
  • The highest quality service and data storage expertise
  • available 24×7
  • Secure and proficient integration of devices or additional capacity with minimal disruption to the IT environment

Maintenance and Support

Top service – whenever and wherever you need it

We deploys twenty professional engineers and a support center that guarantees
up to 24*7*2 service (7 days a week, 365 days a year, 2 hours response time)
when needed.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Ongoing site-review and auto-support, including performance monitoring and alerts
  • Outsourced system administration and management
  • Professional answers to any queries that may arise

Fields of expertise:

  • Storage NetApp storage and backup systems, including: installation, maintenance, updating
  • Database deployments on NetApp appliances (Oracle, Exchange, SQL)
  • Backup systems, including Veritas-Symantec and Bakbone
  • Backup libraries, including ADIC
  • Setting up backup servers
  • Microsoft infrastructure services, including active directory, Exchange and SQL installation and migration, Share point
  • Virtualization VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Servers
  • Content Delivery NetCache, BlueCoat, Sandvine
  • Load Balancing – Radware, Altheon
  • Communication and security
  • Setting up Workstations and servers, including Linux and Sun
  • Operating Systems, including updating and licensing

For more information please contact us at: support@volaroint.com

Remote Services

The primary vehicle for delivering high-quality service

With our remote services, our customers are able to outsource many of the critical
IT system functions, thereby:

  • Saving time and money
  • Simplifying and improving system management, by creating one focal point for various system areas, such as storage, backup and communications
  • Providing a professional support with fast response time, 24*7, at considerably lower costs than the industry standard

Our remote services enable you to have the peace of mind knowing your vital systems are monitored 24 hours a day, to solve any problem that may arise in real time – before it impacts your business.

Our international support center is staffed by professional engineers, on-call 24*7.

We deployed remote services into large-scale integration projects, resulting in a considerable savings in deployment time and resources for our customers.

Our range of remote services includes:

Storage and Backup

  • Configuration planning
  • Real-time performance monitoring and resource allocation
  • 24*7 Alert monitoring, management and resolution (including storage space shortage, disk failure, overheating, power supply failure)
  • Regular log analysis
  • A technician on call 24*7 with a quick response time

Computing services:

  • Operating systems (MS, UNIX, Linux) installations and updates
  • License and patch management
  • Upgrading of s/w components in the network, both in the MS and UNIX/Linux environment, including Exchange servers and clusters, SQL and web servers
  • Deployment of authentication and security mechanisms, including ISA servers
  • Deployment of Linux systems, including firewalls, mail servers and clustering architecture for mission-critical systems


  • Storage, backup, archiving, DRP/BCP
  • Server virtualization
  • Network monitoring and remote communications
  • Computing infrastructure
  • Training

Content delivery:

Proxy caching

For more information on our remote services please contact us at:


Acquire the skill to get the most out of your system

We created a professional training department to ensure customers optimize use of
their newly installed systems and stay on top of technological changes.

We provide customers with a wide range of training services, from
complimentary on-site training and assimilation courses, to full certification
granted by leading our partners.

Training is conducted both at VOLARO and at the customer’s site by a team of highly skilled technicians and engineers. We also provide online training.

The Courses are tailored to meet our customer’s specific needs, emphasizing aptitude where customer in-house knowledge is vital, such as data storage and backup, and data management.

Specialty training courses

Understanding our customers’ busy schedules, we developed specialty training programs custom tailored for the busy IT manager, in order to accelerate assimilation of new systems.

The courses focus on mastering the interconnectivity between different system parts. The ultimate goal is to reach functional optimization and reliability.

Following years of building an extensive knowledge-base, we also helps customers increase utilization of common IT components such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL servers.