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Cyber threat event with the Government of Bulgaria and Israel – All leading Israel Information security solutions in one placeTechnologies and high-tech event with the Government of Bulgaria and Israel : Conference&Meetings, Sofia, BulgariaCertified ScrumMaster course in Bulgaria on Oct 4-5, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Behind effective and efficient government administration, there’s the power of critical information. 
Behind governments around the world, there’s a strong ally. VOLARO helps government agencies address mission-critical issues by providing unified, stable and secure information platforms.

Whether it’s modernizing, integrating, consolidating or managing enterprise-wide systems, VOLARO mission-focused expertise helps them reduce costs, streamline processes, operate more efficiently and improve the quality of the services they provide. As governments face greater challenges, including limited resources and budget constraints, VOLARO is helping them find better ways to deliver citizen-centric services and achieve the policy outcomes they desire.

Aging demographics. Heightened concerns over security and privacy. Competing priorities. Constituents who want more responsive service and taxpayers who demand greater value..

Governments face a set of challenges that are growing more complex each day. Limited resources and budget constraints demand that you find more effective and efficient ways to achieve policy outcomes and deliver citizen-centric services.

Governments around the world turn to VOLARO for the mission-focused experience and expertise needed to help reduce costs, streamline processes and operate more efficiently, while improving the quality and value of the services they provide.

Currently, With VOLARO, you have an information technology (IT) partner committed to providing innovative and proven solutions that provide measurable, bottom-line improvements.