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At VOALRO, we will formulate and implement the business rules, concepts, and methodologies to create the best Call Center solution for you.

We will collaborate with you to determine which systems, business processes, and tools will provide you with the optimal Call Center Solution.

We will leverage what you already have, help you decide what you need, and show you how to get the most out of every aspect of our Total Call Center Solution.

VOLARO team operates as a single point of contact, offering different vertical markets a Total Call Center Solution.

As your partners in this enterprise, we will not merely provide your Call Centers components:

  • We will collaborate to analyze your true needs
  • We will help you choose solution components and tools
  • We will help you define Human Resource requirements and standards
  • We will guide and train your people
  • We will assemble all the components into a Total Integrated Call Center Solution, ensuring high-level performance, reduced costs, and optimal operations.

VOLARO provides state-of-the-art call center solutions for totally new call centers, as well as upgrading and leveraging existing call centers. Our experience enables us to build the optimal comprehensive solution for each client, while exploiting the existing systems and resources, to achieve the optimal and most cost effective solution.

New Call Centers

Ideally, VOLARO begins collaborating with the client at a very early stage:

We help plan and design a Total Call Center Solution, starting from the physical architecture, through telecom infrastructure and hardware, to operations analysis, creation of business rules, human resource planning, training, implementation, maintenance and support.

Existing Call Centers

When upgrading an existing Call Center, it is necessary to perform an in-depth assessment analysis of the customer’s true needs and actual capabilities. In order to perform an optimal analysis that will produce actionable results, VOLARO applies a tried-and-proven set of tools and methodologies.

We perform a thorough analysis of your Call Center and its capabilities relative to your specific market placement and the requirements and demands faced by a Call Center in your industry.
VOLARO then uses the information to determine how we can leverage what you already have, and what changes and additions must be made in order to achieve a Total Call Center Solution that will work to increase ROI, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and streamline your work processes.

We have the ability to upgrade:

A Call Center into a Contact Center!

A Cost Center into a Profit Center!