VOLARO Methodology

Over the years we have developed comprehensive, proven methodologies for strategic planning, business process reengineering, change enablement, software selection and implementation, and custom design and development that reflect the accumulated experience that we had in our projects. Our approach maximizes client involvement and exchange of knowledge, while bringing the proper structure to successfully complete the project.

VOLARO Project Phases

VOLARO - Project Methodology IMAGE

Planning – Define the scope of the project, its planning and the organization of the Engagement Team involved.

  • Definition of the tasks to be performed, the timetable and the main project milestones
  • Presentation of the project (launch)
  • Preparation of project monitoring and control procedures
  • Creation of the Engagement Teams, defining their members and responsibilities
  • Design of quality plan

Requirements– To thoroughly understand the functional and technological prerequisites prior to system design.

Details of requirements:

  • Functional: During this phase the customer team, with our support, will resolve the key matters pending definition.
  • Technological: including definition of the technical architecture, equipment to be installed, posts, licenses, etc.
  • Contrast customer requirements with the standard of the system characteristics (“Gap Analysis”)
  • Definition of the characteristics of the development environment
  • Define the principal interfaces and additional developments necessary for the integration of system with the other systems
  • Define the parameters of user approval
  • Creation of the Master Plan

Design– To design the solution best suited to the customer’s needs and prepare the training and the test plan.

  • Map to system terminology the processes defined previously
  • Create the data model
  • Analyze a possible initial loading of data into the system database
  • Establish an integrated unit test plan to guarantee the correct working of the application
  • User approval milestones
  • User training plan

Development– Configure the solution according to the design specifications, including the necessary custom developments and integration

  • Configuration of system following the customer specifications
  • Definition of the test environment characteristics
  • Development of an implementation plan for the commencement of production
  • Define in detail the procedures for resolving incidents and for administration and maintenance of the application

Testing– Perform the integrated unit tests necessary to guarantee the reliability of the system.

  • Carry out the user’s test in accordance with the established plan
  • Definition of the characteristics of the production environment
  • User validation (approval)
  • Configuration of the modifications identified
  • Documentation of the configuration and development of the application
  • Evaluation of the degree of usability by the end user

Rollout– Implementation of the system into production

  • Start-up of production of the application
  • User support tasks (help desk)
  • Application maintenance tasks
  • User training

Our Methodology concept

A major factor in the successful implementation of any new system is the careful planning and the quality of the resources deployed on site to install the system, and train the staff. The methodology which VOLARO use involves planning of every step, allocating resources at the times needed and monitoring the entire process.

The joint Project Steering Committee is kept fully acquainted with the progress, and all Action Items and Contingency Plans are highlighted and assigned.

The VOLARO methodology approach make it possible to carry out a number of processes in parallel, and we are drawing up a detailed plan, which will optimize time phasing, in conjunction with resource planning. We see our customer, project team involvement at every phase of the project as crucial to the successful implementation.

The methodology behind this approach follows a logical path, where milestones can be established, and key critical integration processes can be identified.

Hence, VOLARO start with the detailed study of customer environment and business procedures, outlining changes resulting from implementation of the new technology.

These revised procedures are the base for defining the configuration of new systems. This is the stage which will culminate into a report which becomes the Scope of Work, which, when agreed upon, becomes the detailed systems specification.

Careful planning will ensure that every implementation work will be timed to be ready for implementation in accordance with the overall Implementation Plan. More info