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From start to finish, from end to end, from architectural design, through system configuration, to personnel training and ongoing upgrading, training, and support – VOLARO team will plan and design a full, comprehensive, and tailored solution to answer all your Call Center needs.


  • Technology Solutions
  • Business logic and operation
  • Infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Helpdesk and Support

Technology Solutions

VOLARO team will help you determine your technological requirements, select the appropriate tools and systems, and integrate them into your Call Center. Selecting from a wide range of available tools and technologies – Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice, Response (IVR), Speech Recognition (SR), Voice Verification (VV), Private Branch Exchange (PBX), ACD, Work Force Management (WFM), Knowledge Management (KM), E-mail \ Fax Server (e\FS), Recording System (RS), Measurement tools, and many more – we will help you determine which tools and components will produce the best results for your Call Center.

Business logic and operation

After analyzing your needs with an eye to the specific demands of your industry, we will define and implement the operational rules and strategies that will govern your Call Center’s operations and maximize your Call Center potential. Covering every aspect of business operations – from rules and processes, through processes and procedures, to the critical Human factor – we will help you determine how best to run your Call Center, and define criteria for the your Call Center personnel.


VOLARO experts will help you plan a Call Center that will respond to your needs. Taking into consideration every single detail – from site location, through equipment and furniture, to data-communication network, equipment racks, and fiber-optic network, we will design a working environment that will insure the optimal functioning of your Call Center.

Project Management

VOLARO team will help you design a Call Center project plan – and then provide you with the tools and know-how to implement that plan. We will help you create project teams (Management, Implementation, Migration, Coordination…), define your project resources, and plan and implement a project schedule and milestones. VOLARO team will help you define your Call Center goal – and then show you how to reach it.

Helpdesk and Support

VOLARO team will provide ongoing support throughout the Call Center project – and after. Our team of experts will be constantly available to give you all the help and information you need during the design implementation stages – and after your Call Center is up and running. We will put our expertise and knowledge at your service, to help you achieve the Call Center solution you need.

From Start to Finish…A Total Call Center Solution