Support Services

As your organization expands, the task of keeping your IT system and workplace infrastructure up and running becomes increasingly complex. The frontline of this effort is your service desk. Here, inefficiency can impede timely resolution of incidents and requests. This can in turn slow overall growth, raise IT costs, lower productivity, induce outages and, last but not least, negatively impact the satisfaction of customers and employees.

By getting our service desk and site support, you can improve responsiveness and get more value from your IT investment. VOLARO can supply all the capabilities needed to make your enterprise run more efficiently and reliably “ delivered through a global network of IT support professionals and available 24 hours a day.

Our Service Desk and Site Support Services provide you with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Access to the skill sets needed to resolve today’s hardware and software issues
  • Scalability
  • Consistency
  • Reduced end-user downtime
  • Improved responsiveness, case resolution and employee productivity
  • Better documentation of incidents, requests and problems

If you’re looking for a trusted partner who can handle all user issues related to networks, servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices, talk to VOLARO.

If your employees’ IT equipment isn’t working, neither are they

Employees want workplace IT problems solved quickly, but in-house help desk staff often struggle to support today’s diverse, growing mix of office and mobile devices, new software, and requests for change that occur. Without the right training and tools, agents take too much time on complex requests and resolution rates drop. Your workers get behind and frustrated if their computer equipment isn’t working or they can’t communicate via mobile devices. Today’s competitive business environment requires companies to transform and update their contact centers to avoid sharp declines in employee productivity and satisfaction.

How we deliver results for you

VOLARO Service Desk agents explain desktop and mobile application features and functions whether shrink-wrapped, enterprise or custom.

Our agents and on-site technicians provide technical assistance everything from lost server/network connectivity to forgotten passwords.

Agents rapidly diagnose and remedy most incidents by using remote desktop takeover tools and a detailed online knowledge base. We dispatch our Site Support staff only when remote resolution doesn’t succeed  and for the most critical needs.

Employees can use the web to securely reset passwords, report incidents and track resolution, view service bulletins, and search our knowledge base.

Boost productivity, efficiency, customer service and satisfaction

Rely on a single point of contact accountable for supporting your end-to-end environment and resolving all incidents.

Get seamless, multilingual support no matter where you’re located around the world.
Improve user satisfaction and productivity with higher first-call resolution.
Improve user satisfaction and productivity with higher first-call resolution.


SERVICE DESK  Gives you a single point of contact and ownership for all desktop- and mobile-related incidents.

SITE SUPPORT Provides reliable installations, move, add and other changes. Also support and resolves any hardware or software incidents that can’t be handled remotely or by the Service Desk.

SELF HELP TOOLS Enable users to submit and track incidents, view system wide bulletins, link to password reset tools and enjoy convenient, fast access to the answers they need “ for greater workplace productivity and fewer support calls.

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