Certified ScrumMaster course in Bulgaria on Oct 4-5, Sofia, Bulgaria

Certified ScrumMaster course in Bulgaria on Oct 4-5, Sofia, Bulgaria

Learn the essentials of working as a ScrumMaster or Scrum team member in this course.

While the Scrum Alliance provides a list of core concepts that must be covered in the class, each instructor creates his or her own material, allowing courses to differ based on the strengths, interests, and experiences of the instructor.

This is an interactive course (workshop) with a LOT of exercises being held during the class. The goal of this course is not only covering all the topics but to showing the difference as well as giving you the feeling of Scrum itself.

Upon a successful completion of the course, you will be certified as a Scrum Master and gained the basic knowledge and understanding regarding Scrum and the way it can be applied in YOUR world (future projects). In addition, you will receive a one year membership to the Scrum.

Companies that adopted the framework report improvements that can lead to more than 100% in a relatively short time!. Leading companies which already took this course implemented it to be their standard way of working. Companies like:

Google, Siemens, Yahoo, Microsoft, Phillips, SalesForce, British Telecom, BMC, SUN, SAP, Novell, Motorola, IBM, HP, Adobe, BMC Software, First American Real Estate, Time Warner, GE, Nokia, BBC, Bank of America…and more already did this training.

SCRUM History

In the middle of 2001, the high tech bubble burst and many people found themselves without jobs. Companies which still had contractual agreements with customers found themselves in an impossible situation where they were obliged to comply with their agreements while, at the same time, having to cope with a serious loss of manpower. A need for a massive and basic improvement of performance efficiency was demanded by reality.

Some months later, the Agile Manifesto was created as a powerful upgrade to classic methodologies. Agile emphasizes the need for maximum flexibility in partnership with the client and incorporates feedback by means of very short iterations (measured in weeks). The method appeared visionary at the time. Later, the new management framework called SCRUM was introduced as the most effective way to implement Agile. Since then, the application of SCRUM has accelerated and is now consistently found at the head of lists of methodologies and frameworks for project management in the world.Lean management is one of the spiritual fathers of Agile in general and of SCRUM in particular.

So, How Does It Work?

In Scrum, we move in short iterations, and in each iteration (Sprint) we check ourselves and assimilate the changes required already in the next iteration (Inspect & Adapt). At the beginning of each Sprint, the team commits to the tasks it can deliver in the iteration and the teams’ members work together to achieve the tasks that can present to the Product Owner at the end of the iteration. This provides immediate and continuous feedback and allows the Product Owner to make corrections and adjustments, as well as validate that the team is working on the most prioritized items.

Scrum promotes effective and increased communications and visibility through a small number of ceremonies and meetings (such as daily stand up meeting, review meeting, retrospective and planning sessions). This new mindset leads to more committed and happy teams, removal of waste in the process and shortened timetables and increased quality.

Senior managers are often amazed by the simplicity of the method (“It’s not necessary to do wonderful things to achieve wonderful results”), by its results and by its ability to install real confidence in the staff.  SCRUM users have the time to deal more deeply with long term goals and not with managing immediate crises which can be handled effectively by the staff themselves.

By the end of the course you will be…:

  • …getting the SCRUM spark
  • …speaking SCRUMish
  • …able to have fun at your workplace as well as understand the importance of it
  • …learning unique planning techniques
  • …forget your fear from a change
  • …achieve more on your future projects
  • …lose interest in Command & Control
  • …gain full visibility on your future projects
  • …frequently called to help others
  • …thinking “It is so obvious, why didn’t I think of it?”
  • …going home with a big smile…:-)

General information:

[download id=”10″]

Glossary of Scrum Terms- Hit the link to Download »»»

Am I, or Am I Not, Using Scrum? That is the Question- Hit the link to Download »»»

How Scrum Works- Hit the link to Download »»»

What Scrum Can and Cannot Fix- Hit the link to Download »»»

Two Tips to Help Product Owners with Release Planning- Hit the link to Download »»»

Scrum Role Playing- Hit the link to Download »»»

How Do We Know When We Are Done?- Hit the link to Download »»»

The Impact of Scrum Mechanisms on People and Task Orientation- Hit the link to Download »»»

The Manager’s Role in Agile- Hit the link to Download »»»

Production Support & Scrum.How should Scrum teams plan for support?Hit the link to Download »»

Focus on Value. How to create value-driven user stories- Hit the link to Download »»»

Samples Of Case Studies:

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[download id=”12″]

Case study with Amdocs-
– [download id=”13″]

– [download id=”14″]

– [download id=”15″]

[download id=”16″]



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