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We design and architect a solution


The interesting thing is when we design and architect a solution, we don’t design it for Windows or Linux, we design it for both. We don’t really care, as long as we’re selling the one the customer wants


Transform your IT to assets

Enterprises, medium and small businesses in different industries want to become more agile, more seamless and to connect directly to customers and suppliers by transforming and modernizing their enterprise including their applications portfolio. VOLARO provides an end-to-end solution for revitalizing and managing your next step for having the right applications which is going to be your IT assets. We plan for agility to reduce the risk of modernization; we build for quality to extract value from IT systems; and we manage for performance to reduce the ongoing cost of IT ownership.

Planning, building and running agile applications

VOLARO helps organizations become flexible through the creation, integration, reuse and governance of new and existing solutions. The resulting solutions are designed for operational efficiency, security and performance. The next generation of services must integrate applications that are:

  • Agile and able to support business functions long term
  • Managed effectively so scarce resources align with business priorities
  • Designed with total cost of ownership in mind
  • Infrastructure aware and performance and quality oriented
  • Always-on with zero outages, where change management and testing are critical

Achieve more for less

VOLARO is the IT services provider capable of marshaling the expert knowledge base, proven methodologies and global resources to develop and deliver a holistic IT approach. With VOLARO design, methodology, infrastructure awareness and operational perspective to empower enterprises to plan, build and run the IT systems they need to increase productivity, improve reliability and encourage cost savings.

We have the following guiding principles:

VOLARO Plan for Agility We enable organizations to align their business and IT needs, speed their responses to the marketplace, improve service delivery and encourage collaboration with partners, while reducing the risk of their transformation by carefully planning for agility.

VOLARO Build for Quality Enterprises need reliable, secure, salable IT systems that support their business needs. The complexity of today’s systems requires disciplined testing practices to deliver quality IT systems sooner with fewer defects.

VOLARO Manage for Performance Finally, organizations must continually strive to lower the total cost of ownership of IT systems eliminating costly outages and achieving predictability in IT cost. The VOLARO Plan, Build approach focuses on reducing risk, extracting value and lowering TCO.
Technology is more pervasive

Technology can no longer be considered an isolated function. It’s ingrained in the economics of your organization. It’s required to achieve your objectives. It’s vital to the success of your supply chain and manufacturing productivity.

But to be successful in the face of fast-paced change, technology must also be agile enough to support changes that improve customer service. As enterprises demand agility, modernization becomes both the key and the challenge for future success.

The changing pace of technology

Technology acceleration has changed the way we live and work.
Technology has proliferated in the form of laptop computers, bar codes, personal digital assistants – and now Web-enabled cell phones, kiosks and radio-frequency identification tags. Instead of a complex combination of assets and people, the 21st-century enterprise is a virtual ecosystem that is always on.

All of this rapid shifting technology has created an environment where not only infrastructure, applications, business processes and business models have converged, but also entertainment, information and networks have merged and are within reach of the individual. Consequently, the professional is always on, always connected.
The modern enterprise must have the capacity to connect all points to successfully exploit the edge and facilitate rapid adaptation.

Changing the IT landscape

VOALRO approach to modernization is based on beliefs of how organizations and technology will work together in a constantly changing global economy. Legacy systems have been the foundation of organizations for decades.

However maintaining these systems is an increasingly expensive and labor-intensive process.
In an age when technology should be flexible and salable, organizations are being held back by IT constraints.

As use of edge devices such as mobile intelligent devices, embedded smart chips and radio frequency technology continues to increase, deploying these services across your network can shrink your IT budget, making strategic investment difficult. No single organization can do it alone.

With VOLARO, you have a partner with experience designing and implementing both modern applications and modern infrastructures. VOLARO support you every step of the way on your journey to modern, agile applications.