Alliances & Partnerships

At VOLARO we build relationships with the most important technology providers to ensure we can provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their unique business needs. We have deep, long-standing relationships with several enterprise application providers.

When we develop customized solutions for a client, our partners     expertise and products are vital; but we always keep our clients priorities in focus. This means that we are not here to sell; were here to solve. We are agnostic when it comes to selecting one software or network infrastructure over another. When choosing between competing providers our response is always the same: we will recommend the best technology for our clients needs.

Partnership Program

Our partners grow with us

The companies that work with us get an experienced and loyal partners and the chance to work with a leading companies in the relevant fields. We will equip you with everything you need to provide the world-class business solutions of VOLARO all over the world. Our partners go ahead together with us and can become part of the intensive growth of our business. We welcome companies to register to our partnership program.

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We offer the following Partner Programs

Consulting Partners

VOLARO is involved in a global network of high-qualified partners in APAC, EMEA and USA. The combination of our expertise, our local presence and products know-how guarantees the delivery of complex projects. Partners of VOLARO in this program also provide business process redesign, training, industry solutions experience, consultancy, and management services.

Referral Partners

The referral partners generate leads and customer referrals with the purpose of closing business through the direct sales force of VOLARO    s offering. They also identify and refer new opportunities and earn referral fees once the deal has been closed.

Strategic Partners

Global strategic partners are a selected group of partners who offer representation of VOLARO offering in multiple countries and have powerful capabilities and resources. They are ideal providers for their customers that are expanding their technology solution operations and investments.

Technology Partners

technology partners include major device manufacturers, software developers, applications providers. With their products\solutions, VOLARO develops solutions that perfectly suit the specific customer needs in term of localization, customization, implementation, documentation, training and expected support (SLA).

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