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VOLARO ERP Solutions

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The intra-organizational information system is one of the most important links in the ongoing operation of the modern organization. VOLARO recently acquired vast experience in designing ERP solutions on diverse platforms and specializes in adapting solutions for the organization’s needs. VOLARO vast know-how enables its solution experts to learn about the organization, characterize its needs and optimize solutions.

VOLAROs ERP experts are business partners, enabling better growth and management, with experience in successful assimilation of these systems in many organizations. The teams of experts provide VOLAROs clients with comprehensive solutions, combining characterization and planning through to implementation and final assimilation, and include support for the existing systems. Consultation, Planning, Training and Support for the right system The backbone of any organization is its ERP system and we at VOLARO are ready to be partners at any stage: pre-establishment consultation, precise characterization of needs, solution implementation based on the appropriate architecture and selecting the right infrastructure technology.

VOLARO is the only company in Bulgaria specializing many leading ERP applications: SAP, Oracle and others, with diverse teams of experts. For this reason, VOLAROis able to collaborate with the organization to build the best solution, unlike other companies who specialize in only one of these solutions. SAP-based ERP solutions

VOLAROs SAP ERP experts provide support for the organization throughout the projects lifecycle, combining planning, characterization and project implementation after going live. The team has proven experience in performing complex big bang projects operating all the essential modules on the going live day. VOLARO has proven integration expertise for interfacing with other systems in the organization, such as hand-held data terminals, controllers, and dedicated systems. Projects are implemented with Solution Manager, a tool for monitoring and documenting project performance.
The SAP team combines methodologies which enable identification and repair of problems while reducing risks and ensuring success. Assimilation is conducted by highly experienced specialist experts in logistics, finance and management control.

SAP ALL IN ONE based ERP solutions Small- and medium-size businesses have diverse needs requiring modular and gradually built ERP systems. VOLAROs highly experienced veteran expert SAP ALL IN ONE team has numerous successful projects and many satisfied clients to its credit.

VOLAROs ERP system for the SMB sector is based on the most advanced and innovative SAP applications and provides total financial and logistics management solutions. This system can be customized quickly and simply for different business areas and sizes. The system offers various unified modules such as finance, CRM, sales, procurement, import, stock, production, budget, and BI services and reports. VOLARO has developed SAP ALL IN ONE supplementary products and solutions over the years, including a fixed asset solution and banking clearance for clients and suppliers.

Oracle based ERP Solutions VOLARO is an Oracle Ace and offers an extensive basket of services covering Oracle application solutions in a range of existing modules while using business flow methodology.VOLARO employs content experts on various organizational systems including finance, logistics, procurement, production, and human resource experts. VOLARO establishes Oracle ERP systems and upgrades to newer versions out of its belief in partnership and accountability for the projects entire lifecycle. VOLARO provides training and support with professional Help Desk services.

The various ERP systems offered by VOLARO present the organization with smart sophisticated management options for its resources. The organization accumulates know-how enabling performance capacity in all operations. Investment in the appropriate ERP system is essential and provides fast ROI.