VOLARO Research & Innovation

VOLARO Research & Innovation center offers market research, product development and business incubation services.

We support our clients in shaping the future when innovating business models, creating products, or introducing new technologies. We research for your better decisions. We develop for your faster results. We incubate products and businesses to increase value.

You are supported by acclaimed professionals with advanced university degrees in business and engineering. Our expert forums are located in the most advance technology regions, in the most innovative places in the world, where the things were created.

Among our services:

  • Conducts primary and secondary research into thought leadership areas
  • Monitors patterns of change emerging in the market and linking to What’s Next on the CEO’s agenda
  • Assists in identifying current client needs seeking solutions
  • Provides enabling resources and tools
  • Helps integrate VOLARO’s intellectual frameworks and solutions around the firm’s strategic agenda
inovation center

VOLARO Research & Innovation aim to advance understanding of the sources of new startegies and trends in the market.
VOLARO has the overall objective of studying the following four agenda items:

  • Strategic/Environmental Business Model Designs
  • Risk Management
  • Systems & Processes
  • Measurement & Reporting

With the goal of creating outcomes in the field of business genetics directed to:

  • Empirical Testing of Models of Valuation and Measurement
  • Systems Design and Business Modeling
  • Model Testing
  • Visualization

VOLARO Technology Watch