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Between Our Infrastructure Products & Solutions are:

  • Storage Consolidation
  • Data Compression
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Archiving/ILM
  • Computing Infrastructure
  • Server Virtualization
  • WAN Optimization & Content Acceleration
  • Device Networking

Storage Consolidation

Leverage existing resources to manage more data

Data management is one of the biggest challenges facing IT professionals today: corporate data is increasing exponentially and IT infrastructure is required
to support business-critical applications with zero tolerance for downtime or
data loss.

At the same time computing environments are becoming geographically distributed. Since the prevalent architecture is that of storage directly attached to local servers, storage management has become burdensome and expensive.

Storage consolidation is the key to effective data management in the distributed enterprise. We solve major storage consolidation challenges through in-house expertise and world-leading products, using the latest technologies.

We can help you to:

  • Design a cost-effective storage policy suited to your business need
  • Lower the cost of managing your data assets, as well as overall IT costs
  • Improve storage availability, scalability and uptime
  • Enhance storage infrastructure management
  • Simplify your business continuity requirements

Data Compression

Dramatically save your storage space in real time

The burgeoning growth of corporate data means that storage is fast becoming one
of the biggest burdens on the enterprises IT budget.

Companies are struggling to provide the resources to cope with the pace
of growth that drains not only storage resources, but also general assets
such as floor space, energy and air conditioning, as well as management.

The storage system itself needs to keep growing just in order to maintain the same performance level.

We implements innovative storage compression solutions that can:

  •  Save on your storage, backup and equipment costs
  •  Improve the performance of your storage network
  •  Save overhead such as floor space and energy
  • Release IT and corporate resources
  • Increase your ability to support new applications

Backup & Recovery

Secure your ease of mind with reliable backup management

Reliable backup and disaster recovery means that an easily accessible copy
of critical enterprise information is readily available whenever disaster strikes.

We provides a suite of automated backup and recovery solutions that deliver
reliable backup and recovery with advanced management capabilities and maximum performance – at affordable costs.

We deploys state-of-the-art technologies such as backup to disk (VTL, NDO, OSSV, Snap Vault). Customers can now backup from a central storage pool through backup-to-disk or Virtual Tape Libraries, greatly easing operational burden.

Our backup and recovery solutions will:

  • Insure against data and time loss in the event of system failure
  • Instantly recover data with multiple recovery points
  • Protect data on multiple platforms, databases and applications
  • Minimize disruption caused by the backup process to applications and production
  • Apply options for advanced disaster recovery and snapshot backup


Control your corporate intelligence

Advanced archiving is crucial for efficient and cost-effective data storage;
eliminating the labor-intensive process of archiving to tape, while providing
accelerated access to archived data.

Regulatory changes have also forced companies to deploy well-defined
archiving policies.

Here Information Lifetime Management (ILM) comes in
ILM is a comprehensive approach to managing information from creation to obsolescence.

ILM tools automate data archiving, storage and retrieval, using pre-defined policies based on variables such as data type, security and access requirements.

Data is prioritized according to its life cycle within the company and allotted the suitable storage and backup. The result: substantial savings on primary and near-line storage.

Our suite of archiving and ILM tools enables you to:

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Correctly categorize and prioritize information
  • Automatically offload volumes of email and file data
  • Facilitate instant and transparent retrieval of files and email
  • Improve end-user access to knowledge assets
  • Significantly reduce IT overhead


Data Protection for minimal downtime and business continuity

Businesses that can thrive are businesses that are prepared for disasters.
To ensure survivability and continuity, businesses must implement Disaster
Recovery and Business Continuity Plans (DRP/BCP)

We sets out to help our customers protect their business-critical information by integrating powerful DRP/BCP solutions that grow with our customers’ needs.

Our partnerships with key vendors enable us to provide choice tools and technologies that ensure steadfast asset protection and business continuity during disasters and scheduled downtime.

Our DRP/BCP solutions answer your business requirements by:

  • Implementing complete disaster recovery strategies
  • Enabling true 24×7 availability
  • Meeting regulatory compliance requirements for unstructured data
  • Decreasing frequency and duration of downtime
  • Delivering online synchronic data records at any interval

Computing Infrastructure

Seamless upgrading of all IT components

Storage and backup project are often part of an overall upgrading of computing infrastructures.

We conducts upgrading, installation and migration of computing infrastructure
in the Windows, UNIX and Linux environments, providing hardware components
by all leading vendors.

As a Microsoft partner, we can deploy and upgrade all components in the Windows environment, including active directories, databases, and mail and web servers.

We provide computing services including:

  • Transferring messaging environments to Exchange servers
  • Setting-up and maintaining Exchange servers and clusters, SQL and web servers
  • Deploying authentication and security mechanisms, including ISA servers
  • License and patch management; implementation of Group Policy
  • Conducting NIS and NIS Plus configuration
  • Deploying Linux systems, including firewalls, mail servers and clustering architecture for mission-critical systems

Server Virtualization

Transform your IT environment with cutting-edge technologies

The server “sprawl” phenomenon is a major by-product of the rapid growth in computing capacity and in geographically distributed networks.

The plethora of computing servers over platforms and locations cause
underutilization of resources, burdensome administration and inefficient operation.

We solves these problems by consolidating computing resources using the most advanced server virtualization technologies, deployed in a variety of configurations and servers, including blade servers.

Server consolidation usually results in tremendous operational and performance benefits that extend across all aspects of the IT environment.

We can help you achieve:

  • Boosted server performance, utilization and scalability
  • A dramatically simpler and faster backup process
  • Greater IT ease-of-administration and management
  • More control over the IT system growth
  • Cost savings on computing resources

WAN Optimization & Content Acceleration

Be in command of your information flow

The advent of wide area networks brought with it a substantial increase in
the volume of data and its importance to the corporate business.

This raises three major challenges: effective content delivery (optimizing bandwidth usage, accelerating web delivery), data protection (proxy, caching, filtering harmful content), and cost control.

The cost of content delivery is crucial to companies where data delivery is part of the core business, such as data carriers. These companies need sophisticate management tools to optimize bandwidth utilization, analyze content and enhance end-user experience.

We provide tools to facilitate content delivery including:

  • Content delivery optimization and acceleration
  • Alleviating P2P congestion and saving bandwidth
  • Providing ISPs with advanced monitoring and scanning capabilities, such as application management
  • Reduce latency
  • Deploy Internet security policies, such as eliminating malicious content
  • Enhancing end-user experience

Device Networking

Be in control of your system anytime, anywhere

The distributed workplace and an increasingly mobile workforce require network management and connectivity from virtually anywhere.

At the same time, the technological advent of mobile communications can
provide remote connectivity to all system units – from security and automation
devices to audio equipment.

We implements remote-connectivity in various sectors using software, hardware and embedded units. We focus on remote console management, industrial control management, and secured IP connectivity over PRS/GSM/DCMA.

Our expertise in remote management will assist you to:

  • Perform out-of-band routers management, firewalls and servers
  • Address reliability, network protection, firewall traversal and IP challenges of remote network connectivity
  • Simplify remote network management from device deployment to configuration, updates and maintenance
  • Achieve enterprise class remote device management to groups of remote IP devices
  • Track devices – Asset Management
  • Collect and analyze traffic information