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VOLARO OEM Partnership

Maximizing the Value of Your Applications

The value of your software depends on the usability of its information. To deliver maximum value to your customers, you must provide them with the right information in the right format at the right time.

That’s what VOLARO BI is all about. It’s an embeddable platform you use to extend your Web-based applications to give all your users the information they needon-time or on-demand via sophisticated, self-service reports and powerful business analytics.

By using VOLARO BI to add reporting and analytics to your applications, you attract customers, build new revenue streams, increase usability and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, you decrease development costs, speed time-to market and slash your customers’ total cost of ownership.

VOLARO’s BI proven, powerful benefits are why hundreds of OEM vendors use our technology and services to make their applications more meaningful and valuable.

Using VOLARO BI Makes Business Sense

When you select VOLARO BI to extend your applications, you strengthen your business, products and customer relationships in many crucial ways. Increase Revenues and Expand Your Audience Attract new customers and increase deal size by adding powerful, interactive reporting and analytics Win mindshare with executives and decision makers by giving them zero-training reports, spreadsheets and dashboards Sell new applications and penetrate existing accounts such as product catalogs, e-commerce applications, and information portals Decrease Costs and TCO Reduce development costs through the use of wizard-based dynamic report creation, Analytics, Dashboards, Scorecards, Visuals, Business Modeler and more.

Control service costs by adding significant functionality to your applications without adding training expenses Reduce your customers’ TCO by requiring less server hardware, and no new client software, training or support Speed Time to Market Extend your applications in 90 days or less using VOLARO proven Rapid Time to Market Program Improve Customer Satisfaction Deliver interactive Web reports that all users can browse without any new software or training Support any number of users with 24×7 high performance