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Our  SCRUM Services

VOLARO provides a complete solution package for organizations that plan to move to Agile/Scrum or asppire to reach a higher level of Agility and improve their benefits.

Solutions include exposure seminars, beginners and advanced workshops, an initial assimilation package, ScrumScan, ScruMaintain and more.

VOLARO services
Our services include:

  • Agile Implementation.
  • ScruMaintain.
  • ScrumScan.
  • Workshops.

Agile Implementation

VOLARO believes in a result-oriented approach and has proven experience in breaking the “glass ceiling” of organizational improvement. We view our clients as partners in the Agile adoption process and aspire to include an ROI-based pricing model in all of our services, to ensure the commitment and result-oriented approach of both sides.

Looking at the process from a holistic point of view, we offer a set of implementation modules and services that cover all the organizational aspects of a company. These enable transforming the entire organization (or teams) into Agile mindsets and practices: executives’ buy-in workshops, HR and management workshops, consulting, team coaching and Agile engineering practices (XP).

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to understand the specific business needs and constrains, to define the required KPI and outline a time-boxed plan to achieve them.

A typical implementation package consists of two phases.

 Phase one – Agile boost – around 3 months

Going agile through Scrum involves high levels of organizational change and requires crucial executive support to be sustainable and successful. This is because Scrum surfaces organizational dysfunctions that are a barrier to agile progress and it does so very quickly from adoption. To mitigate any negative impact of these changes and to maximize organizational support, awareness is created in the organization by means of workshops and seminars which are tailored and facilitated for primary and secondary stakeholders in the organization.

This phase creates the required mindset shifting of the organization and provides teams with the necessary education, mentoring and guidance to become hyper-productive, self-sufficient, Agile.

 Preparations and organizational support raising:

* Existing life cycle, challenges and constrains analysis as a basis for the change management plan.
* Product Owners workshop – training the product managers with their new role in Scrum.
* Product backlog creation and release planning coaching – creating the backlog.
* Certified Scrum Master Workshops and tailored seminars (for the entire organization, up to 30 participants per workshop).

At the end of the preparation phase the teams and the organization have the right knowledge, mind-set and enthusiasm to leave their comfort zone to a new era.

 Sprints support (typically 3-4 sprints):

Supporting and coaching all Scrum ceremonies – Sprint Planning, sprint execution, sprint review and retrospective.

Sprint execution coaching

* On-site Scrum Team coaching – the goal of on-site coaching is to create an intensive and immersed Scrum environment that will enable all the Scrum roles to start working quickly (and to respond to any issues that arise). Following about a month of intensive on-site coaching, the external coaching is scaled down and the mentored internal coaching is ramped up. This will improve the internalization of good agile practice and ensure creation of an independently sustainable agile process.
* Scrum Master Phone/e-mail support throughout the first phase – Scrum Masters will be supported by phone/e-mail, with ongoing availability on a daily basis to solve any concerns.
* Backlog management coaching – support the teams and the product owner(s) to ensure high quality backlog.


At the end of the first phase a ScrumScan will be conducted by an external VOLARO coacher. ScrumScan’s results will allow management to uncover gaps and apply improvements in the way Scrum was implemented.

 Phase two – Advanced Agile

Following the ScrumScan results and the maturity level reached, the organization will be exposed to advanced Scrum techniques and XP practices.

A special focus will be put on [continuous integration’s efficiency, TDD and testing approaches, as well as an advanced Scrum Master course. The course will aid Scrum Masters to gain more skills and advanced insights that will improve their field support and allow the organization to increase the benefits of Agile/Scrum.

The entire package can be tailored as needed.


After an organization has transitioned to Scrum, the benefits and ROI increase with time, as the organization tunes itself more and more, improves its processes by inspecting and adapting and gets into the rhythm of Scrum.

To ensure these continuous and long term benefits, it is important to make sure that the organization does not retreat back to its comfort zone. Maintaining the process requires discipline, constant inspection and the ability to immediately react and solve problems that might severely handicap Scrum.

The purpose of the ScruMaintain program is to provide long term support for Scrum Masters and organizations that implement Scrum. Such support is needed to maintain a high level of Scrum, while catching and correcting as early as possible deviations that might lead to a degradation in Scrum.

The program contains the following components:

* On-going support: Back-office support for Q&A and ad-hoc problems. In addition to the accumulated experience of its experts, VOLARO has direct access to the entire ScrumAlliance Trainers’ community for in-depth consultation and knowledge. Questions are submitted by email and support is provided by e-mail and, if necessary, by phone.
* Knowledge sharing: A free seat in the Scrum forum led by VOLARO experts (periodical meetings that provide an opportunity to meet colleagues and share experience).
* Discounted help for urgent problems: 20% discount from list prices for VOLARO on-site consulting services to support urgent, ad-hoc, problems.
* Periodical check up: One free ScrumScan per year.
* Training new participants: 1 free seat in an official CSM class per year, on a free space basis.

One ScruMaintain package is purchased per Scrum Master (or focal point person) – there is no limitation on the number of teams the SM can work with.


The purpose of the ScrumScan service is to analyze the way Scrum/Agile is implemented in the organization and to provide insights and recommendations for improvements in the process.

After information is gathered from the field, the findings are matched and scored against VOLARO’s Scrumometer (a comprehensive checklist of Agile/Scrum best practices).

The result is a report that maps the way Scrum/Agile is achieved in the organization and reveals soft spots that need to be addressed.


VOLAROprovides workshops and seminars that fully support Agile/Scrum assimilation. Workshops are highly interactive and include real life situation simulations.

Beyond the material covered, the workshop’s most important role is changing mindsets to encourage managers and teams to “buy-in” Scrum.  Participants are made aware of the great benefits Agile/Scrum can provide their organizations so that their enthusiastic cooperation, which is a prerequisite to the assimilation process, is gained.

VOLARO’ workshops receive extremely high feedback scores as a norm, and participants often describe them as the best workshops they have ever participated in.

Workshops are available at customers’ sites all over the world, as well as at public locations. Please follow announcements on this site for more information on public courses.

We will be happy to add you to our list of satisfied customers!