Do You Need An Advanced Document Processing and Management Solution?

Prior to the adoption of our solution our clients suffered from several burdens that negatively impacted on the performance of their business

They thought there wasn’t an affordable alternative to their existing paper based processes such as manually sort, index, distribute and store what were essential documents both paper and electronic in one solution along with an audit trail to provide compliance.

We take your existing business practices and reflect these within an electronic workflow process so that our solution mirrors the needs of the business not the other way round.

The following areas if not addressed are all very costly to any business or organization:

  • Un-streamlined business workflows
  • Manual Paper Processes
  • Administratively intensive tasks
  • Pre-printed stationery
  • Consumables
  • Unreliable equipment
  • Too much paper
  • No document security
  • No more storage space
  • Takes too long to find documents
  • No backup in the event of a disaster
  • Lost documents
  • Documents need to be viewed in multiple locations
  • No audit trail

If you can answer yes to any of the question below then your organization has a need for one of our solutions:

01 – (Document Storage and archiving) Are you required to maintain large archives of incoming and outgoing paper documents in file?

02 – (Audit Trail) Are you obligated to maintain a document audit trail to comply with quality assurance or legislation?

03 – (Document Delivery) In an average day does your business have to manually distribute more than 100 documents by post or fax machine?

04 – (Printing) Do you print documents such as invoices, statements or purchase orders on multipart stationary… using dot-matrix printers or do you use A4 cut-sheets with laser printers?

05 – (Quantity) Do you print more than 3000 documents per month?

Do You Need An Advanced Document Processing and Management Solution?

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