VOLARO introduce the ways of improving DB’s performance in the event of the year

VOLARO introduce the ways of improving DB’s performance in the event of the year

VOLARO solution aim to empower companies with innovative software product for the automatic optimization of MS SQL Server database performance.

The solution provides data management professionals with unparalleled advantages in the following areas:

  • Root cause analysis of database performance problems related to schema design, indexing, programming objects, query syntax, configurations, and more.
  • Automatic generation of prioritized recommendations, including fully applicable correctional scripts enabling the DBA to optimize database performance in a single click.
  • Automatic benchmarking to accurately quantify the performance gains that result from implementing the solution recommendations.

The idea of creating quick and effective set of recommendation to tune the DB and gives scripts to alter the queries, Indexes and schema in order to save time to maintain, hardware cost, storage (very important when DB replicate on WAN), Improves user experience

The VOLARO solution is giving the companies the power to know where is the problem and how to resolve it. So they could do the fixing by them self or approach there partner with the funding requesting for improvement. The solution take the DBA person and empower him with analyzer tool

The new product is aimed at assisting DBA professionals in analyzing database transactions in order to help them better monitor and improve the performance of their applications,” said Shlomi Waizel, CEO of VOLARO. “The Analyzer tool can save them a lot of time and effort, while being completely free of charge. VOLARO is committed to contribute to the IT community.”

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