VOLARO Document Process Automation Features and Benefits

Document Process Automation Features and Benefits Features and Benefits

01 – Electronic document storage, indexing and retrieval from host systems and paper-based systems.

02 – Electronic document distribution via Email, Fax, PDF, SMS, XML and Interactive PDF

03 – Easy, versatile and dynamic document design, distribution and workflow management.

04 – Centralised document management & monitoring including remote configuration and real time event log for document audit trail (logs for email and fax delivery; archive database shows date created and holds all amended documents, error log is delivered via email, e.g. printer out of paper)

05 – Has a single web browser interface for retrieval of all output and input documents originating from either within or outside the organisation

06 – Dynamic forms processing allows the integration of information from other sources that may not reside on the main host output. This improves document workflow and provides greater efficiency.

07 – Its efficient document design process reduces time taken to provide customised forms output to the recipient.

08 – Legacy Investment retained – does not require any changes to existing IT Systems.

09 – Your corporate branding or identity is consistent and maintained with all information being delivered to its point of need fully designed and formatted with all relevant documentation as if it was generated from the same host system.

10 – Printing of Barcodes (including 2D) and RFID requires no additional software or specialist printers.

These features provide the following benefits:

  • Automation of your inefficient paper-based processes to speed up purchasing, invoices, sales orders and cash collection, lower administrative costs, reduce errors, and ultimately improve your bottom line.
  • Provision of an audit trail for the document lifecycle, enhance productivity and profitability by eliminating manual intervention for the document-driven processes.
  • Compliance – the process of scanning documents and storing electronically is compliant with British Standards, Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise etc. Documents can be destroyed once the data has been backed up.
  • Automation of all incoming documents regardless of source (fax, email, traditional mail, electronic exchange, etc) straight into your enterprise business system.
  • Reduction or elimination of the costs associated with printing, storing, and occasional obsolescence of pre-printed forms. Our solution uses the most recent design templates available and only generates documents on demand, when they are needed.
  • Reduce the cost of consumables such as ink, toner, paper, and envelopes. Using our solution you can reduce consumable costs by up to 80%.

VOLARO Document Process Automation Features and Benefits

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