Customer Support

VOLARO Customer are free to choose among all possible options for communication with our support experts and for the way you communicate with us.

Telephone hotline

You can choose the telephone as an option for communication regarding our support solution. You will be served by qualified experts that will respond to your demand in minimum time and will get the job done. If needed, you will receive a step-by-step assistance on the phone to do it yourself under the guidance of your telephone support people.

Email Support

Where telephone communication is not the best option our clients benefit from our e-mail support solution. After getting your request via the e-mail we will look for a solution to the problem in speedy manner and will send you back the data you need to fix the problem and continue your work in an untroubled manner. Both our telephone and e-mail support set as standard quickly finding the right solution for you so that you do not waste time and continue working. Our e-mail support service also includes sending you information regularly to keep you updated on all you need to know about the products you use – new editions, changes, potential difficulties, etc. This way the employees working with a product get all the information in advance and feel safe with their knowledge about the solutions they use.

Program updates and service packs

Where updates of the software provided by us are necessary we will make sure you get all the latest versions and editions as soon as they come out. Or service includes immediate shipping of the new software package or fix to your office and installation.

Support By Remotely Accessing

VOLARO uses the latest technologies for its support services. In cases where this is the best option we can fix your problem by simply accessing remotely your systems. This way we work on-site without actually coming to you, which spares you the time to work on the problem yourself, saves time, because our experts do not need to travel to your office and at the same time keeps the level of the service as high as you want it to be.

Support login

We strive to make the support of our solutions an easy experience. Apart from all the other options our clients can login themselves into a separate support sections where they can get guided electronic assistance, as every option is provided to the customer with regards to his specific case and the type of service used.


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